Bankruptcy Lawyer: Sacramento & Santa Rosa 

About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys help individuals consolidate debt and create binding repayment plans.  People who file chapter 13 bankruptcy often make too much money to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, or have property that they cannot exempt and thereby protect in chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Since people can often keep all of their property in chapter 13 bankruptcy this chapter makes an attractive choice for individuals with non-exempt assets.  

Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers do not require 100% of their fee before filing.  Since chapter 13 fees can be financed through a chapter 13 plan many attorneys help their clients afford chapter 13 by accepting a percentage before filing and a percentage after.  Learn more about how much bankruptcy attorneys cost. 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is typically more complicated than chapter 7.  That's because chapter 13 bankruptcy requires drafting a chapter 13 plan in addition to the normal statements and schedules.  Also, chapter 13 bankruptcy requires an appearance by the attorney at a confirmation hearing, and stretches the representation over three to five years.  Since chapter 13 bankruptcy often involves more work, chapter 13 bankruptcy fees are often higher than in chapter 7.  Therefore, you may want to consider how much a bankruptcy attorney costs during a chapter 13 bankruptcy consultation.

About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy attorneys who practice chapter 7 bankruptcy law typically help consumers discharge unsecured debt.  Many chapter 7 bankruptcy petitioners have large amounts of credit card debt and need to eliminate the debt resulting from the principal and high interest rate.  Other forms of debt in chapter 7 bankruptcy include medical debt and payday loans.  Medical debt is typically unsecured and easily discharged in chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Payday loans are also easily discharged in chapter 7 bankruptcy, contrary to the claims of aggressive payday loan debt collectors.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not right for everyone.  If you have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy within the past 8 years you might not qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy at this point in time.  Likewise, if you have recently charged up your credit cards you may have to wait until you file chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Before you decide to file chapter 7 you should consult a bankruptcy attorney.  Issues like fraudulent transfers and nondischargeable debt should be identified as soon as possible and before you file chapter 7 bankruptcy.

*This site contains general information and does NOT contain legal advice.  Do not rely on the information contained in this site.

About Bankruptcy Attorneys in Sacramento And Santa Rosa California

Finding a bankruptcy lawyer in Sacramento or Santa Rosa California is not easy.  Issues in your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can jeopardize your discharge.  To help you find a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Sacramento or Santa Rosa CA, this website will feature articles from local bankruptcy attorneys.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Sacramento

Bankruptcy attorneys in Sacramento practice consumer bankruptcy law in the Sacramento Division of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California.  Many bankruptcy attorneys in Sacramento practice chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy law, but few practice chapter 11 bankruptcy law.  

Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys generally charge between 1 and 2 thousand for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Some cheap bankruptcy attorneys in Sacramento charge less, but if you have a complicated chapter 7 case you may want to consider hiring a more expensive bankruptcy attorney.  Also, if you have a somewhat complicated case consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney who personally drafts your chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.  Many larger Sacramento bankruptcy firms have legal secretaries handle the majority of the work; a practice that often results in errors and decreased client satisfaction.  Therefore, consider speaking with several bankruptcy attorneys in the greater Sacramento area before making a decision to hire one for your consumer bankruptcy.

Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy attorneys in Santa Rosa California also practice chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy law, but they practice in the Santa Rosa Division of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California.  There are fewer Santa Rosa bankruptcy attorneys than in Sacramento, and many bankruptcy attorneys in Santa Rosa charge more than their Sacramento counterparts.  

You can find a Santa Rosa bankruptcy attorney by searching the internet.  However, instead of clicking on the first attorney listing that pops up, consider searching for an insightful article about bankruptcy law written by a local attorney.  If an article written by a local bankruptcy attorney demonstrates knowledge and experience, consider calling that attorney for a free consultation.

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